Hi, I'm Kaylie!

My name is Kaylie and I was born and raised in the Duluth area.  I married my high school sweetheart, and we are living life to the fullest raising our three little ones.  I am a lover of homemade breakfast {any time of the day}, thrifted treasures, an abundant amount of coffee, all things mama & baby related, and am a sucker for a crisp Autumn day.


Being a mother has always been a dream of mine and was what led me to find my passion for photography.  Taking one photograph now can mean all the world later.  It is hard to hold onto moments, as time is always fleeting.  From newborn baby snuggles to a couple's first kiss as husband and wife, moments come and go.  We can not physically slow down these treasured times, but photography allows us to freeze an instant of them.  You may never get that moment back, but you will have the pictures forever.  It is my job to bring these memories back to you for years to come.

I have an eye for detail and love finding beauty in the simple things.  I would say my style of photography is more on the lifestyle - documentary side, as I focus more on capturing interactions and emotions over poses.  A raw picture that tells a story means so much more to me than a stiff, posed one.  I have an eye for capturing emotions and the details that some may not have even noticed were there.  My clients welcome me into their homes and wedding days, sharing so much of their lives with me in such a short period of time.  My job is truly special and I value each and every one of my clients and their individual stories.  Let me tell yours.

Let's get in touch!

I would love to hear from you!  Let me know what type of session you're interested in, and any other questions that you may have.  I also meet for complimentary consultations over coffee or tea if you'd like to chat in person. 



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